Rebooting Critical Exponent!

After a long hiatus, I am rebooting Critical Exponent!

My original site was built on WordPress and hosted on HostMonster. A few years ago, I got “pharma-hacked”, and HostMonster would not fix my site until I signed up for their security monitoring package. I figured I would fix the site myself, and I actually made good progress on doing that, learning a bit about the annoying way pharma-hacks work. Unfortunately, I got distracted by life and never did quite complete the process, and HostMonster somehow deleted my blog database. Luckily, I had backed it up when I started fixing my blog, so all that content is not completely lost.

Anyway, I decided to start afresh. At the moment I am on Blogger for simplicity. At some point, if I need more features than Blogger offers I may switch this over to self-hosted WordPress again, but for now, my aim is to keep the administration simple so I can focus on content. It is also likely that I will import and back-date older posts, either from the previous incarnation of Critical Exponent or from other sites. Going forward, I expect most of my writing will show up here, but some of it may be cross-posted to Medium or other sites.

Final note: I try to write regularly, but a lot of my pieces are not yet at the stage where I am ready to share them. As a result, posts may show up here. I do hope that having this platform will spur me to wrap up my essays more promptly, though.

Enjoy! Feedback welcome.


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