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Thank you for being part of the solution

Heroes don't always wear capes or get featured on front pages. Sometimes heroes are those who show courage and bear hardship for the common good. They're the ones who reach out to help the powerless or the vulnerable. The ones who do what is right even if no one notices.

All of you who are abiding by the coronavirus precautions: thank you. You are facing inconvenience and disruption, uncertainty and isolation, in order to protect those directly at risk and to preserve the health care system so it can continue to respond to emergencies for all of us. You are saving lives and saving society. It is no trivial thing, and you should be proud of your civic duty. Thank you.

To all the front-line workers—the doctors and nurses and emergency personnel, the scientists and public health officials: a double thank-you for putting yourselves on the line, for taking very personal risks so that we may all be better off. To all the people who are keeping our infrastructure lights on---the powe…