Painful upgrade

For the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to upgrade to Fedora 12, but the process has not been working. The chkconfig package, in particular, has been refusing to install. This left my system in a not quite perfect state, where occasionally all programs would begin to crash until I rebooted in rescue mode and did a chroot /mnt/sysimage /usr/sbin/prelink -ua. A major pain. I could not find a solution online.

I was eagerly awaiting Fedora 13, hoping that installing that would go off without a hitch. No such luck. The solution, as it turned out, was to try to install the problematic rpm directly and resolve the issues manually (in my case, a directory was supposed to become a symlink). But then a couple of other packages had issues, and I just decided to bite the bullet and reinstall. Luckily, my /home was in a different partition than /, so it wasn’t excruciating.

Things I needed to restore upon successful installation were

  • /etc/{passwd,shadow,group,sudoers}
  • mount points listed in fstabs, and links to same
  • fonts
  • printer, samba
  • Chrome
  • NX
  • Picasa (still in progress due to a package dependency conflict)
  • crontabs

I still like Fedora alright, but this upgrade process was painful (though possibly my fault for not cleaning around properly after mucking around in my system). I’m glad I’m on FC13; I got some cool customizations finally done, about which I’ll write later. I am, however, starting to wonder whether any of these would be easier on Ubuntu. Stay tuned…