Marysville-Bellingham bike loop

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While it’s fun to do a bona fide self-supported bike tour, sometimes it’s just awesome to do credit card touring: you bike long and hard, stud that you are, and then relax in a luxurious bath before heading out to a posh restaurant and falling asleep on fluffly pillows.

OK, this weekend’s bike tour from Marysville to Bellingham wasn’t quite that fancy, but it was fun and relaxing nonetheless. Highlights of the trip included the stop at Slough Foods in Edison, the scenic if less than ideal biking on Chuckanut Drive, communing with the deers on Whatcom Drive, and the very pleasant riding on the Centennial Trail. The lowlight of the trip, without a doubt, was running over an indecisive chipmunk that decided it really didn’t really want to cross the road after all.

Knox has a more detailed write-up of our adventure.