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Cherry-picking science

Is there any doubt that America is turning into a dictatorship? When the government censors scientific discourse, it is time to be very afraid: “There was a story about a...


Bush lied, people died

A Senate report concludes there was no pre-war link between Iraq and al-Qaeda. The response by the administration that likes to talk about “personal responsibility”? White House spokesman Tony Snow...


Olbermann on Rumsfeld

Watch this. Please. Or at least read the transcript. [ heart attack viagra | cialis alternative | canadian viagra | viagra prescription online | h h order script viagra |...


Splitting the liberal vote

Apparently, Republicans entirely funded the Pennsylvania Green Party Senate campaign. Presumably the idea is to split the liberal vote so that Santorum can get re-elected. If this doesn’t make the...


Nominees who lie

Sen. Kennedy, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, shows how the judicial confirmation process has been badly damaged in the Bush administration, with candidates’ opaqueness and promises of fair-mindedness being...

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