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Gravity Payments (Image credit: New York Times)


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Viagra next day delivery The New York Times article about Gravity Payments’ decision to give its employees a $70k minimum salary suggests the reactions seem to form four clusters: Viagra...


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Antibiotics amoxil 250mg pills (generic) $241.00 While many people on the left are elated at President Obama’s statement of support for gay marriage, antibiotics amoxil 250mg pills (generic) $241.00 many...


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Anti-inflammatory budesonide 100mg nasal spray (generic) $197.00 How do you practice your atheism? At first glance, anti-inflammatory budesonide 100mg nasal spray (generic) $197.00 this seems like a silly question, anti-inflammatory...


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My remarks at the Social Justice Fund Northwest’s annual dinner.


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Celebration and defiance.

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