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A colorful top

I mentioned atop earlier. I just found out about htop, which seems even easier to grok.


Persistent emacs server sessions

In my spare time, I’ve been working on two tools to make emacs more useful to me by leveraging two key features: the ability to save the desktop state and...


A better top

I just found out about atop. I like it.


WordPress 3.0

The new version of WordPress is actually pretty neat. It has new features like navigation menus and custom post types. The new default theme (“Twenty Ten”) showcases some of these...


Fedora 13: Solving nss-softokn version issues

Since my Fedora 13 upgrade, I kept getting errors when installing Picasa: Transaction Check Error: package nss-softokn-3.12.4-19.fc13.x86_64 (which is newer than nss-softokn-3.12.4-17.fc13.i686) is already installed The solution, which I found...

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