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What’s in a marriage?

We just returned from our first wedding since we ourselves got married a year ago. The groom and bride are pretty awesome people: geeks, fans of the outdoors, interesting and...


Biking the Wenatchee-Chelan loop

My bike hasn’t been getting a lot of love since I moved to Seattle. Bike commuting in the summer, mostly, but not many long rides. No touring. To charge things...



There is a new addition to the Gardnovsky Gardens, and its name is Pops. Knox came back from a mysterious errand in Tacoma on Saturday with a rabbit. A giant,...


Utter Darkness

On our second day in Bend, OR, Knox and I descended from a balmy, sunny 85°F to a cool, still 42°F inside the Lava River Cave. With USFS-provided lanterns and...


Preview of coming attractions: wedding

We’ll put up posts on the wedding as soon as we can write coherently about it and we sort through all the pictures. In the meantime, read critics’ reviews: Nerd’s...

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