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Momentum Grooming

2006-06-25 Victor Chudnovsky 1 Comment

During the recent trip to Vancouver, Knox and I came across Momentum, a store specializing in grooming products for men. The clientele is obviously largely gay men. The owner was very helpful in explaining the various products and how they could help us, too, look our best.

While we dropped a nice wad of guppie change there, the verdict is out on the products. Knox’s bubble bath did not bubble with as little bath liquid as was promised. My badger-hair shaving brush (from badgers in China, which are not protected nad form part of the diet there, apparently) and the pink water-activated shaving foam I’m not convinced give me a closer shave than the nylon-bristled shaving brush from Brooklyn and the $2 shaving soap from CVS.

That said, the Brave Soldier Shower Up (for those of us who shower multiple times a day) felt awfully luxurius, and the Anthony Logistics for Men mask sample felt effective (and looked hilarious!).

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