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2005-05-03 Victor Chudnovsky 1 Comment

Cheap viagra I’ve just released the first public version of ssh-tunnel, cheap viagra a very simple shell script that can be used to implement port forwarding with ssh. Cheap viagra This is useful, cheap viagra for instance, cheap viagra when forwarding VNC connections over a series of secure links, cheap viagra but is also applicable to any application that requires ports to be forwarded securely. Cheap viagra I was inspired to write this by the hassle required to forward my VNC ports over all the connection hops required to securely get through my corporate firewall to my office machine. Cheap viagra Now, cheap viagra a single alias does it all for me! Could working at home get any easier?

Part of my motivation, cheap viagra too, cheap viagra was to get experience contributing open-source software to the world at large. Cheap viagra The GNU website explains how to do it. Cheap viagra Eric Raymond’s The Art of Unix Programming also discusses various types of licenses.

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